Rexroth A7V pump

Rexroth A7V pump

Product introduction:

Series: A7V
Open circuits
Size 20  to 500
Series 2.0 and 5.1
Product Category: Hydraulic piston pump / Rexroth
  • Uchida Rexroth A7V pump


    Hydromatik Uchida Rexroth A7V pump

    Hydraulic piston pump A7V20, A7V28, A7V40, A7V55, A7V80, A7V78, A7V107, A7V117, A7V160, A7V250, A7V355, A7V500



    Series 2.0, and 5.1, axial piston unit, bent axis design

    Size 20 to 500, high pressure range up to 400 bar

    Control devices: LV, DR, EL, HD, MA, SC, NC.

    The A7V variable displacement pump, axial piston bent axis design, for hydrostatic transmissions in open circuits. The flow is proportional to the drive speed and the displacement and is steplessly variable at constant drive speed. Comprehensive program of control devices for every control and regulating function.


    Simplified high performance rotary group with enhanced technical data and well-proven spherical control area. Robust roller bearings for high loads. Hydrostatic unloading of bearings possible for continuous.

    Operation on both mineral and fire-resistant fluids.


    Hydraulic fluid

    For extensive information on the selection of hydraulic fluids and application conditions please consult our data sheets RE 90220 (mineral oils), RE 90221 (ecologically acceptable fluids) and RE 90223 (HF-fluids).

    The variable pump A7V is not suitable for operation on HFA fluids. When operating on HFD or ecologically acceptable fluids, limitations to the technical data and seals according to RE 90223 and RE 90221 must be observed.

    Notes on the selection of hydraulic fluids

    In order to select the correct fluid, it is necessary to know the operating temperature in the tank (open circuit) in relation to the ambient temperature. The hydraulic fluid should be selected so that within the operating temperature range, the viscosity lies within the optimum range (νopt) see shaded section in the selection diagram. We recommend that the higher viscosity grade is selected in each case.


    Example: at an ambient temperature of X° C the operating temperature in the tank is 60° C. In the optimum viscosity range (νopt ; shaded area), this corresponds to grades VG 46 or VG 68; select: VG 68.

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