Rexroth A10VSO pump

Rexroth A10VSO pump

Product introduction:

Model: A10VSO
Opened circuits
Size 18  to 180
Series 31/32/52
Product Category: Hydraulic piston pump / Rexroth
  • Rexroth A10VSO pump


    Brueninghaus Hydromatik Rexroth A10VSO pump


    Series 31 model: A10VSO18, A10VSO28, A10VSO45, A10VSO71, A10VSO100, A10VSO140 pump

    Series 32 model: A10VSO45, A10VSO71, A10VSO100, A10VSO140, A10VSO180 pump

    Series 52 & 53 model: A10VSO10, A10VSO18, A10VSO28, A10VSO45, A10VSO63, A10VSO85 pump



    Open circuit

    Control devices: DR, DRG, DFR, DFR1, DFLR, ED, FHD and EF.

    Nominal pressure 280 bars. Peak pressure 350 bars.


    –Hydraulic axial piston pump A10VSO variable in swash plate design for hydrostatic transmissions in open loop circuit

    – Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement, by adjusting the swash plate angle it is possible to infinitely vary the flow

    – Mounting flange acc. to SAE J744
    – Flanged ports acc. to SAE J518
    – 2 case drain ports
    – Good suction characteristics
    – Permissible working pressure 280 bar
    – Low noise level
    – Long service life
    – Axial and radial loading of drive shaft possible
    – High power to weight ratio
    – Wide range of controls
    –Short response times


    Prior to project design, please see our data sheets RE 90220 (mineral oil ) and RE 90221 (ecologically acceptable fluids) for detailed information on fluids and application conditions. When using ecologically acceptable fluids attention must be paid to possible limitations of the technical data.

    Notes on the selection of hydraulic fluid

    In order to select the correct fluid, it is necessary to know the operating temperature in the tank (open circuit) in relation to the ambient temperature. The hydraulic fluid should be selected so that within the operating temperature range, the viscosity lies within the optimum range (νopt.); see shaded section of the selection diagram. We recommend that the higher viscosity grade is selected in each case. Example: at an ambient temperature of X°C the operating temperature in the tank is 60 °C. In the optimum viscosity range νopt (shaded area), this corresponds to viscosity grades VG 46 or VG 68, VG 68 should be selected. Important: The leakage oil  temperature is influenced by pressure and speed and is typically higher than the tank temperature. However max. temperature at any point in the system may not exceed 115 °C. At high temperatures please use FKM seals.

    DG – two point, direct control

    The pump can be set to a minimum swivel angle by connecting an external switching pressure to port X. This will supply the control piston directly with control oil; a minimum pressure of 50 bar is required.

    DR – Pressure control 

    The pressure control serves to maintain a constant pressure in the hydraulic system, within the control range of the pump. The pump therefore supplies only the amount of hydraulic fluid required by the actuators. Pressure can be steplessly set at the pilot valve.

    DRG – Pressure control, remote  

    A pressure relief valve may be externally piped to port X for remote control purposes. However it is not included in the scope of supply with the DRG control. The differential pressure at the DRG control spool is set as standard to 20 bar and this results in a pilot flow of 1,5 L/min. If another setting is required, please state this in clear text.

    DFR/DFR1-Pressure-flow control  

    In addition to the pressure control function, the pump flow to the actuator may be varied by means of a differential pressure (eg. over an orifice or directional control valve). The pump supplies only the amount of fluid as required by the actuator. In the DFR1-valve

    DFLR – Pressure/flow/power control   

    In order to achieve a constant drive torque with a varying operating pressure, the swivel angle and with it the output flow from the axial piston unit is varied so that the product of flow and pressure remains constant.

    FHD – Displacement control, pilot pressure dependent, with pressure control   

    The swivel angle of the pump, and hence the displacement or flow, is dependent on the pilot pressure pSt X in port X.

    A constant pressure py = 35 bar is required at port Y. An overriding pressure control is integrated, and can be steplessly set at the control valve.

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