1.2t Electric Scooptram

1.2t Electric Scooptram

Product introduction:

Model: FKWJ-0.6E
Bucket volume: 0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3)
Rated capacity: 1.2 ton
Dimensions: 4690*1040*1760mm

Product Category: Mining machinery / Electric LHD
  • FKWJ-0.6E electric underground loader


    1. FKWJ-0.6E electric underground loader (LHD) Adopts famous brand 30KW electric motor, with excellent features of big power.

    2. The LHD main pump and motor adopts Rexroth brand, guarantee the quality of the hydraulic system.

    3. Adopts the advanced way of three-point suspension articulated, which changes the old models’ layout form of oscillating axle.

    4. Suitable for mining and roadway drivage slag, the construction of the road and work place, material transportation and so on.

    Main Technical Parameters:

    Electric motor

    China Huali HM2 / 30KW (Siemens for optional)

    Hydraulic piston pump

    Rexroth A4VG

    Hydraulic piston motor

    Rexroth A2FM

    Gear pump

    America PERMCO

    Bucket volume

    0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3)

    Rated Capacity


    Max. Traction: 


    Max. Shovel Force: 


    Running Speed: 




    Max .Discharge Height : 

    1150 ± 100mm

    Min. Unloading height

    660 ± 100mm

    Max. Loading height

    2458 ± 100mm

    Min. Turning radius(outer)

    3650 ± 100mm

    Min. Turning radius(inner)

    2650 ± 100mm

    Max. Rotation Angle: 


    Min. Ground Clearance: 


    Rear axle swing angle


    Cable length


    Weight (include hydraulic oil): 



    4690 *1040*1760mm

    Remarks: We can choose different parts according to different condition of the underground mining or requirement from our customers, we will make the best proposal with reasonable price.

    Pls contact us if you need the detailed specification and quotation.

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